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Our Group Rules

Updated: October 4, 2021

1. Sharing blank PDF pages.

You may: 

  • share free blank PDF coloring pages from books I’ve already released on Amazon. These pages are sent to you in the newsletter, they must not be used for any commercial purposes and must be attributed to April Tyler. Intellectual property rights are a very serious matter. Piracy online is totally unacceptable. 

You may not: 

  • share blank PDF pages from 50 Beautiful Designs’. It’s a FREE coloring book anyone can get on my website in exchange for signing up to the newsletter. Let’s keep it fair and square.

  • share blank PDF pages you receive for being a member of our Facebook group, aka #SaturdayFreebies

2. Posting content.

You may: 

  • post artwork completed by yourself;

  • share content by April Tyler;

  • share coloring tips and techniques;

  • share new and creative ways to color my books;

  • suggest new book ideas;

  • until I grow my collection up to 25 books, you can share completed pages from books by other artists and brands. After that, I would like to shift the focus to my coloring books. This is a necessary step to support the growth of my brand, and I’d like to thank everyone for understanding!

You may not: 

  • post any offensive content regarding race, gender, ethnicity, etc;

  • promote any product or service for commercial purposes;

  • post absolutely anything about politics;

  • post extensively about religion if it will bother other group members;

  • post sexually explicit and inappropriate content, let’s keep our community child friendly. 

3. Community experience. 

You may: 

  • keep conversations light and positive;

  • be respectful;

  • send private messages only after getting an explicit permission to do so from the person you’re going to contact.

You may not: 

  • block moderators and admins.

Posts that do not accord with our group rules will be reported and handled quickly. Please, feel free to contact admins privately with any questions or suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to review our group rules and being a valuable part of our community!

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