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What is the difference between a paperback and a digital book?

A paperback book is a regular physical book you get in the mail.

A digital book is a downloadable PDF file which gets delivered electronically to your email address.

How do I use a digital book?

Download the PDF file from your email onto your computer. Print the pages. Color the pages by hand.

What paper do you recommend for printing a digital book?

Recommended Paper Size: 8.5 x 11 inches (letter size)

Recommended Paper Weight For Dry Media: 65 - 100 lb

Recommended Paper Weight For Wet Media: 110 - 140 lb, but you can print on heavier paper if your printer allows it.

How can I return/refund a paperback book?

Paperback books can be returned/refunded by contacting Amazon Customer Support.

Can I return/refund a digital book?

Digital books can not be returned or refunded. All digital sales are final.

Can I get tech support for my computer, printer, or other device through you?

No, but feel free to ask tech related questions in our Facebook group.

Troubleshooting tips for when you can’t print your pages

Visit  Adobe Troubleshoot PDF Printing Page for some useful tips.

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